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Hi. My name is Dale Darling. I’ve enjoyed fly fishing since the late ‘70’s. Learning about trout streams, fish, insects, flies, techniques that work, and putting it all together has been a relentless delight. I’m a mess. During the years, I’ve fished lots of trout water, tied many thousands of flies and read numbers of books.

And I’ve learned to hook trout with flies. My Solution Books, originally created to answer regular questions asked by customers who frequented my fly shops, are designed to clearly explain fly fishing topics in a way that will help others avoid many of the pitfalls I had to drag myself through. Each booklet is the result of experience on the water, and at the tying vise, and the material has been pared down to what is required to address each topic's ongoing challenges.

While the previous paragraph is true, I've also learned there are no solutions for fly fishing - other than to go to the trout stream, or to the tying desk, soon and often. Fly fishing lessons are never all the way learned; its school is never closed. Classes are held on trout streams: nothing replaces time on the water. Get out there. Leave screens behind: visit trout streams!

However, fly fishing skills can be acquired by anglers who seek and learn while practicing patience and perseverance. Never give up.

Fly fishing is fun. It takes us to beautiful places. Fly fishing is challenging, and stays that way. Fly fishing provides hours of gentle fulfillment punctuated by moments' perfection. Memories made on trout streams last a lifetime; some grow into bold faced lies. Why, I could tell you one about......

Fly fishing skills can be learned. Start at the beginning. Build a solid foundation of basic skills that will meet fly fishing challenges, and upon which you may flourish while on a stream, or in a dream, one step at a time. Observe. Compare. Remember. Do the right thing at the right time. Replace what doesn't work with what does work. Discover and enjoy the style that fits. Thrive in the process.

Solution Books cover:

Who: angler, insects, trout

What: fly fishing, a pleasantly addictive affliction, water, skills

Where: on trout streams; at the tying vise

When: soon and often, and then again

How: by skills acquired out there

I'm not much of a Why guy because I'm not a scientist. Still, as far as I can tell science cannot explain fly fishing because there are too many mysteries, and fly fishing is more than the sum of its many diverse parts, collected data, or well defined theories. (If science did solve them, I'd quit fishing.) I think fly fishing, all in all, is still low tech and will remain so because trout are fully non-technical, and live only by instinct. Anglers, even when reason is expressed to select a fly, tie a knot and cast a fly rod, must approach streams on the trout's terms.

By the way: scared trout don't eat, and trout that aren't eating won't take a fly! Leave aggressiveness at the car with the screens when on trout streams.

Fly fishing is a solitary endeavor, even when anglers share a stream with one another. It's fun, unimportant, quietly challenging, and fulfills and refreshes the angler who approaches it with patience and humility, which increase in the process.

Solution Books are available in full color digital downloads on Amazon. At first, I printed the books in B&W so they could be printed in the US, and posted color photos on the web site. But in retrospect, I think the digital versions are useful. Full color; low price; no dead trees. I particularly like the tying books because a screen can be near while the reader ties the fly. I'm also interested in conserving resources: every fly fisher must be conservative at every turn to protect the environs where clean, cold water flows, so aquatic insects, trout and other life will thrive. I think the digital format succeeds best.

I hope you enjoy reading my Solution Books, and that each discovery on a trout stream, or at the tying vise, is fulfilling! Thanks!

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