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Midges: Tying

This Solutions Book is the fly tier's companion book to Midges, which is also available on Kindle. Here, we will explore basic tying techniques that will increase most fly tier's skills. The book starts at the beginning by describing basic skills that apply to tying small flies. Tying small flies demands keen attention to every wrap of thread and to the application of each material. All well tied flies require the right amount of material in the right place, applied with no more than the needed number of thread wraps. The book continues by adding one material, and then more, to the previous pattern. Larva become pupa, then emerger, then adult imitations.

Twenty-five patterns are explained, using clear descriptions and 125 color photographs. Apply suggested material substitutions to fill a box with an arsenal of midge imitations.




Midges are important to trout stream anglers - and fly tiers, because stream trout eat lots of midges. In this Solutions Book, we will discuss the insects and their life cycle, midge waters, the needs of trout, where and when trout feed on midges. Then, we'll talk about flies, rigging, presentation and fishing through each stage of midge activity. Insects. Trout. Anglers. How do we all meet?

Midges has over fifty color picture, five useful charts that describe rigging, and a definition of terms. Written in a friendly style, Midges will help eager, curious anglers learn fly fishing skills that also apply to other aquatic trout stream insects and challenges.

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