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Shan and I bought a cabin near Drake, CO in 2001; in 2007 it became our home. When we purchased the property we were told that it was not in the flood plain, that flood insurance was not required. In September 2013 steady rain over several days caused the Big Thompson River to rise, then flood the canyon; our home and 99% of what we owned were ruined or swept away.

HIGH WATERS is our story about what’s being called a 500-year flood. Being there is different than reading or hearing news clips, or seeing images shot from a helicopter. My report will put you with Shan and me so you can feel and smell the reality of being there; of the aftermath and what actually happens in spite of the pontificating and selective reports that circulate.

Paper; 208 pages; B&W; 60 photographs Book is available on amazon for $17.95; color digital version $3.99

High Waters

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