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Getting Started

Become a trout stream fly fisher! Getting Started covers being a fly angler, the stuff we need, skills and more skills, putting it together and more.

The book has 110 pages, many useful charts, and over 125 photos!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of fly fishing. Getting Started is the portal to Solution Books. As it introduces fly fishing, I hope it also opens a new world full of adventure, excitement and intrigue!

The thrust of this book is to introduce fly fishing on trout streams. We’ll discuss who, what, where, when and how. I’ll present basic skills required to build a solid foundation that should help you to flourish and grow as a fly fisher. We’ll cover thoughts about being a fly angler - what it means, at least in part; the stuff - hardware, outerwear and consumables: in other words, the stuff that lasts, and the things we use up while fly fishing, respectively. Skills are presented in 2 different chapters - Skills, and More Skills - and include knots, rigging, casting and much more. After discussing water, trout and the insects stream trout eat, we talk about putting it all together. It’s a good start.

Getting Started has lots of useful charts and over 125 pictures that illuminate the information we’ll discuss.


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