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Fish! Bugs! Flies!

Discusses trout, food organisms they eat, and fly designs and patterns that work. Charts, pictures and clear descriptions will benefit new, intermediate and other curious anglers.

The book has 80 pages, an appendix with a definition of terms, 3 charts, and over 100 pictures! Print $14.95 + shipping.

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Fish! Bugs! Flies! focuses on trout that live in streams, the insects they eat, and fly imitations that fool them.

Anglers who fish with flies on trout streams become trout centric. Where do trout live? How do they survive? What do we need to know about these wary fish in order to fool them with flies? These are a few of the questions we’ll begin to answer in Fish! Other answers, which result in more questions, come with time spent on trout streams, fly fishing for trout.

Since most stream trout feed primarily on aquatic insects, the Bugs! part of this Solution Book introduces the basics of aquatic insect entomology. What we began in the Getting Started Solution Book is expanded. We’ll follow the year long life cycle of one particular mayfly; anglers call it the pale morning dun.

But we can’t glue natural insects to hooks and cast them to hungry trout; therefore, we tie or buy flies designed to imitate food organisms trout eat. In Flies! we’ll talk about their design, types and other important characteristics.

Fish! Bugs! Flies! includes useful charts, descriptive pictures and an appendix that follows the body of the book.


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