River Fork Press


Caddis: Tying

Learn skills to tie caddis larva, pupa and adult imitations. Begin with basics techniques that expand.

Lots of specific patterns and recipes, hundreds of photos and clear descriptions teach proportions, materials, fly tying skills and tying sturdy caddis patterns.



Caddis: Fishing

Explains the life cycle of caddis, when and where trout eat them in trout streams, patterns that imitate each stage, and how to select flies, rig, cast, and present caddis imitations.

Entertaining stories enhance and enlighten techniques to encourage trout stream fly fishing.

Caddis: Fishing & Caddis: Tying

Companion Solution Books

That describe caddis identification, patterns, and fishing tips!
That describe tying caddis larva, pupa and adult imitations!