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Fly Fishing Colorado’s Big Thompson River and other freestone streams was completed in May, 2012.

It’s a short book by design because I wanted to help folks understand about basic freestone trout stream fly fishing. While there is a lot of detail in the book, it is clearly and concisely stated. It has over 130 photographs, and several charts to illustrate what is being discussed. The print version is $14.95, plus shipping. Full color pictures are here. Of course the best way to color the book is by going trout fishing soon, and then again! The book is available as a digital edition for $3.99.

I use my home stream – The Big Thompson River as it flows through the canyon named for it – as the trout stream template, but the information within will hold true for most western freestone trout streams. For over 30 years it has for me. While every stream or river has its own character and clock, all of them have most of the insects I present, and most of the fly patterns will work on most trout streams. I write with the idea that solid fundamentals apply to good fly fishing practices.

Chapters cover The River, Fish! Bugs! Flies!,Technique, Putting It Together, and Access and Ethics.

Kindle: $5.99

Please follow the link to Dennis Smith’s review of this book. Thanks!


Fly Fishing Colorado’s Big Thompson River

And Other Freestone Trout Streams


Print $14.95