River Fork Press

Hi. I’m Dale Darling – Christian, husband, father, musician, learner, teacher, composer, author, fly fisher and publisher. But please don’t try to make me fit into a preconceived buttonhole, okay?

Most of the information I’ll share here will have to do with writing and fly fishing. I enjoy sharing all things fly fishing and have done so for many years in many ways. Of course other topics will appear as we discuss them.

A basic tenet that I hold is that fly fishing is fun; it takes us to beautiful places. While we’re out there we experience an odd combination of emotions from frustration to joy. Now and then, we experience a moment’s perfection, and build memories that last a lifetime. I think fly fishing is a pleasantly addictive affliction; I’ll write more on this later.

There’s plenty to say and to share: this should be fun. Come on in: thanks for joining me!